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These are some of the names that cultures across the world have used to describe their third-gender peoples.

Herein you will find my journey. I explore my experience of being a person who does not find themselves as a man or a woman, but something other, neither, and in between.

For thousands of years cultures have revered, respected, considered sacred, and sought out, their third gender peoples. In many cultures we were considered sacred, holy, necessary, shamans, priests, wise ones, medicine people, delegates, and respected members of our communities.

We are medicine makers.  We are alchemist ever plunging within and burning away the impure, and seeking that which is essential.

Growing up queer I never had any of these figures to look back on for guidance. I didn’t have a history, and where there might have been one it had been washed from the history books. Had I been able to tap into the rich tapestry of my people, those queer ones who had come before me, I might have been able to avoid some prison that so many LGBTQ+ peoples face. Had I known that I had a lineage, a powerful line of ancestral wisdom, to draw on I might could have found an anchor in the world I was navigating.

It is my hope that through my experience, through my quest, that others might come to deeper levels of acceptance, be more apt to stand in their authenticity, and beget a new world for all of us.



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